The Monadnock Beekeepers' Association

Dedicated to Promoting Beekeeping in the Greater Keene Area
Photo by Jodi Turner. Creative Commons   

About the MBA

The Monadnock Beekeepers Association is a beekeeping club for both beginning and experienced beekeepers in the Monadnock and Connecticut River Valley regions. We usually meet on the first Thursday of each month either at Stonewall Farm in Keene, NH or at the Dublin Public Library in Dublin, NH. Please feel free to come to a meeting or contact us if you have an interest in beekeeping.

September Meeting

The September meeting will be held on Thursday, September 7th at the Dublin Library starting at 6:30 PM. We will be visiting a nearby apiary if the weather holds out. We'll also be discussing medicating with Oxalic Acid.

Bees on the frame. Photo Credit: Jodi Turner

2017 Announcements

We have an exciting schedule planned for 2017. Our focus this year will be hands-on opportunities.

We will continue to offer monthly meetings including discussions, and speakers, as well as fun activities such as our Mead Tasting in July, and Honey Tasting in December. A shift towards sharing experiences in our hives will be this year’s focus. No matter how much time you have spent in the hives, there’s always more to learn. The membership will be offering instruction during our monthly Beginner Workshops. These will all take place in and around the Monadnock Region on the 3rd Saturday of the month from 10am to 1pm. Additional open hive workshops will be offered throughout the season. These are also offered by our membership. One of our goals is to offer lots of learning opportunities. We know it’s tough to find and the confidence you might be looking for, and here’s a great opportunity. We have several beekeepers who have already offered to host a visit. This is what beekeeping is all about!

We encourage you to become a member, participate in our activities, and enjoy this amazing hobby!

New Site Devoted to Bee Swarms

There is a new site devoted to connecting people who find swarms with local beekeepers. It is called

Site founder Nick Catania writes:

"If someone in the community sees a swarm, they can report it to and they will be given a list of all of their nearby beekeepers who can come and rescue the swarm. Reporters can upload a picture, and share basic information about the swarm size and location, while beekeepers can share specific information about experience, availability, and fees.

We will be using the swarm data to gain further insight into the decline in honey bees throughout the country, and hopefully discover new ways to promote their survival."

Members of the 2017 bee class discussing varroa identification. Photo by Jodi Turner.

2017 1st Year Beekeeper Workshops

These workshops take place in and around the Monadnock Region.

1st Year Beekeeper Workshops are offered by MBA Members – Hands-On/ Open Hive/ Instruction.

These workshops take place on the 3rd Saturday of the month from 10am – 1pm+/-

Beekeepers may attend one, several, or all workshops. Cost: $10/workshop

A non-refundable prepayment of $50 is required at time of registration & with this you will also receive your 2017 membership to the Monadnock Beekeepers Association, along with additional educational opportunities, speakers, and hands-on activities.

March 18 Instructors: Nancy Frye & Sean Driscoll Location: NH Honey Bee
  • Meet & Greet - Overview
  • Reading Suggestions – Beekeeping for Dummies
  • Field trip to NH Honeybee & Equipment Review
  • Building Frames & Smoker Suggestions
April 15 Instructors: Rick Church & John Snowdon Location: Westmorland, NH
  • Sharing Time – Review & Q and A
  • NUC & Package Installation
  • Feeding & Expectations
May 20 Instructors: Jodi Turner & Wes Enman Location: Stonewall Farm, Keene, NH
  • Sharing Time & Spring Management
  • Hive Inspection Checklist
  • Swarms & Absconding
June 11 Instructors: Deb Abbot & Melissa Stephenson Location: Harrisville, NH
  • Sharing Time & Summer Management
  • Nucs & Splits
  • Varroa Mites -- Mite Checks
  • Dearth Preparation
July 16 Instructors: Robert & Gloria Leustek Location: Winchester, NH
  • Sharing Time -- Dearth Activities
  • Splits -- Wintering Over
  • Extracting & Medications
August 19 Instructors: TBD Location: Stonewall Farm, Keene, NH
  • Mouse Guards & Robbing Prevention
  • Preparing for Fall and Winter Management

The Monadnock Beekeepers Association meets the first Thursday of the month February-December; No meeting in January. Most meetings take place at Stonewall Farm, Keene, NH; Except for the March & September meetings, which take place at the Dublin Public Library, Dublin, NH. Join us for interesting speakers, workshops, sharing, and beekeeper comradery.